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The "Magic" of John Bilezikjian with Souhael Kaspar ~ Belly Dance Music CD

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Product Description

The Magic of John Bilezikjian with Souhael Kaspar

This CD is amazing for bellydance performances. There are two dance routines. The song Jemilleh is perfect for veil dance. Recored in 1994.

World renowned Oud Master, John Bilezikjian, plays music from around the world.  Known as "America's Oud Virtuoso", John Bilezikjian may be the most prominent Oudist of his generation, having elevated the instrument to the concert stage. The oud, performed with an eagle's quill, is an ancient, eleven-stringed Persian fretless instrument, dating back 2,000 years.

1. "Julia's Dream" - 18:40 minutes
         Istemem Babacim
         Çile Bülbülüm
         Drum Solo
2. Mavi Mavi
   Telgrafin Tellerine
3. Azziza
4. Sallasana Mendillini
5. Lamma Bada Yata Thanna
6. "ORIENTALE DELIGHT" - 11:17 minutes
         Pinar Başa
         Sevda Sevda
         Yar Saçlarin
7. Bekledim De Gelmedin
8. Seni Sevdi Geönlüm Yine Sevecek


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