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Dantz Fever - John Bilezikjian ~ Belly Dance Music CD

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Product Description

Dantz Fever - John Bilezikjian

Traditional American-Armenian tunes are just right for many flavors of Mideastern dance, for background music and for just relaxing (as long as you doesn't intend to fall asleep).
World renowned Oud Master, John Bilezikjian, plays music from around the world.
Known as "America's Oud Virtuoso", John Bilezikjian may be the most prominent Oudist of his generation, having elevated the instrument to the concert stage. The oud, performed with an eagle's quill, is an ancient, eleven-stringed Persian fretless instrument, dating back 2,000 years.

1.  Gneega
2.   Candle Dance
3.   Tini Mini Hanim
4.   Misirlou
5.   Siroon Agchig-Parov Yegar Siroon Yar
6.   Tamara Medley
7.   Daldala
8.   Ee Varka Mas (Surto)
9.   Loorke Loorke
10. Agar Magar
11. Tamzara
12. Govand
13. Pompouri
14. Mia Yahnekka Pou Agapo
15. Antranig
16. Im Serdi Yareh Medley
17. Sepastia Bar
18. Nina Nai Nai
19. Shalakho-Gindaouri Bar-Lezkinga
20. Oud Halay


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