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Belly Dance Accessories

Belly dance accessories not only add flair to your on-stage presence but they are also functional elements of the dance; making both appearance and performance paramount.
We offer swords specially balanced for belly dancers including large and medium sized swords with brass or silver handles in velvet or vinyl cases.
Our beautifully carved bamboo cane is wonderfully weighted, easy to use and control. This belly dance accessory is very popular among folkloric dancers.
To be prepared for a variety of stage settings, a belly dancer needs a selection of finger cymbals, or Zills (in Turkish). These belly dance accessories vary in size and shape to produce the volume, tone, and resonance fit for the setting. We offer both Turquoise International and Saroyan finger cymbals for the beginning belly dancer and the seasoned professional.

Imported from Cairo, our tambourines, inlaid with shell, are both beautiful and well tempered. 
Nothing adds dramatic stage presence like make-up.   Our eye shadow comes in over twenty vibrant colors that sparkle.  
Use our opalescent powder to accent both face and body for added drama. 


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8 of 8 Items