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Finger Cymbals, Size Economy B (EB) Oriental - 2 ¼" Diameter - Turquoise International

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Product Description

Finger Cymbals, Size Economy B (EB) Oriental - 2 ¼"  Diameter - Turquoise International

For teachers with small hands

Bring to your dance the exciting bell-like tones of Turquoise Finger Cymbals! You'll treasure these beautiful zills for life!

Manufactured in the USA since 1972 - Centuries of skill and fine craftsmanship, with the sciences of sound engineering and metallurgy, have created the finest musical instrument with a life time guarantee. We've never compromised on the fine quality bell-brass and design that goes into each Turquoise zill.

Beware of Fakes! The Turquoise design is world famous and there are imposters who have been distributing low-quality cymbals that copy the Turquoise design. To protect our customers, we have added a "TC" mark on the outside edge of our Oriental cymbals, and a "USA" mark to the inside center of all cymbals between the slots. These marks are your assurance of quality and authenticity.

The Size EB measures - 2 ¼" in diameter and the whole set weighs 5.6 ounces.

**All zills come four to a set, with one-half inch elastic and cloth tie bag.





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