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Hand of Fatima | Hamsa ~ Moroccan

     The “Hand of Fatima” is a palm-shaped symbol of protection that maybe be worn as jewelry to ward off the “evil eye.”  It can also be hung in the home or car. This amulet is also known as Hamsa, which translates to five in Arabic and refers to the five fingers of the hand.
     Many of our “Hands of Fatima” are from Morocco. We carry a huge variety, from key chains and stickers to elaborate sterling silver and gold jewelry.
     We will be adding more "Hands of Fatima" to our store.  Please visit often.  If you have any questions please feel free to write us using our "contact us" page.

    The Hand of Fatima or Hamsa is the hand of Prophet Muhammad's daughter Fatima. It is the symbol of patience, loyalty, faith and resistance against difficulties.
      For centuries, Fatima’s Hand has been a powerful talisman for good luck and one of the most popular amulets in the world for protection. It is hung on the walls of the house as engraving in silver or gold or it is painted in red. It is believed that a house protected by the Hand of Fatima will not catch fire.
     In Egypt, Morocco and Tunisia, ornaments of Fatima’s Hand have the same meaning as evil eyes. In these countries, the miracle of the hand is given a great deal of importance.
     In its simplest form the symbol for Hamsa is the hand. It is talismanic symbol that they believed would protect them from harm against the evil forces and bring them goodness, abundance, fertility, luck and good health. Hamsa is an icon used by man as a defense, in his struggle against the forces of evil.

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12 of 20 Items