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Meleah's Afro-Belly Workshop ~ Belly Dance DVD

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Meleah's Afro-Belly Workshop ~ Belly Dance DVD

Meleah's "Afro-Belly" Workshop debuted in San Diego in 1994 to am enthusiastic audience. A professional belly dancer for over 15 years, Meleah began experimenting with this "tribal" mix as something fun and different. Audiences responded and she now teaches both styles. Her troupe, Urban Vibrations, performs throughout Southern California. An intriguing mix of African, Latin and Middle-Eastern moves and rhythms, thier high-energy show excites audiences everywhere.


Warm Up - A Mini Workout!
Torso Moves - Upper Boby and Arms
Hips - earthy additions to drum solos
Combinations - Afro with Belly Dance
Performance clips of Urban Vibrations 

73 minutes - released 1996 - Professionally Transferred from VHS to DVD

 Customer Review: 

Meleah's Afro-Belly Workshop Belly Dance DVD: This DVD hits the sweet spot for an exercise companion.  It is belly dance fusion with West African dance.  It has a moderate pace, so you can easily add shimmies for more aerobic effect, or soften the jumps to bounces to protect your knees.  It has the fabulous energy & abandon of West African dance, where crazy is good & crazier is even better.  The music is appealing - a lot of drums.  If you put the combinations practice together with dancing along with the performances you get about 25 minutes of dance time; I tacked on a few minutes of the technique part to make a 30-minute workout.  It appears to have been transferred to DVD from a VHS tape, but that didn't bother me.  I am always thrilled to find another re-usable aid for my dance practice & my workout.  Many instructionals are only good for one use & then spot review.  This one will get a lot more use than that from me. I will put it in the regular rotation. Thanks, Meleah!

I enjoyed the DVD.

Best regards, Peggy (Munniver)


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