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El Amar by Hossam Ramzy featuring Mohsen Allaam on Accordion ~ Belly Dance Music CD

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El Amar by Hossam Ramzy featuring Mohsen Allaam on Accordion ~ Belly Dance Music CD

1 Sanatein Wanahayel Feek! (I have pleaded with you for two years) 4:51
2 Habibi Baladi, We Zay El Amar (My beloved is BAladi, and is as beautiful as a full moon) 6:38
3 Bey-Olouly Tooby (They are tellng me to give up loving my beloved) 5:05
4 Ammoura 6:02
5 Be Tes'Al Leh Alayya (Why are you enquiring about me?) 5:24
6 Henni Ya Amar (Have mercy. My beloved) 6:09
7 Yammal-Amar Aalbab (Mother, the moon is at our doorstep) 4:37
8 El Amar Baladi (The Moon is my country or My beloved is a Baladi girl) 6:45

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