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Gypsies of the Nile - Hossam Ramzy ~ Belly Dance Music CD

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Gypsies of the Nile Produced by Hossam Ramzy ~ Belly Dance Music CD

1 Yarit Etjiny Yaghaly (I wish you would come home to me, my beloved)
2 Wein Ergady (If only I could go to sleep)
3 Nally Addeit (I am the one who passed by my beloved's tent) - Mostafa Abdalla
4 Leit el Ghaly Leya Ye Oud (I wish my precious one would return)
5 Sharetny Oyounha (Her eyes bewitched me) - Mostafa Abdalla
6 Loumi Ala Leiyam/Men Kotr Ghalak Alaya (Medley)(I blame the days for his absence)
7 Min Nar Oyounik Ya Nesma (Because of the fire in your eyes, Nesma)
8 la, la, la, Omri Manhounik (No, no, no, I would never give you up easil) - Mostafa Abdalla
9 Weinak Ya Awwal Habib? (Where are you, my first love?) - Mostafa Abdalla
10 Gypsy Dance (Instrumental) - Hossam Ramzy

They traveled through the years, accumulating cultures as they in their path, leaving their home country, India with a single goal in mind: To spread the beauty and aesthetics of music, song and dance. They sailed up the river Nile and they settled for short periods in some villages that are now rich with their history the story left behind on the river banks. The one thing that none of them could have expected or anticipated is that they might come across cultures who do not hold the message they were bringing in high regards. It is a deep inner struggle filled with self-sacrifice.


Carrying your spiritual and artistic message to others wishing to spread peace, harmony and beauty, to a culture that look down at you, and treat you as a lower class citizen. The Gypsies around the world, not just in Egypt, had and still have to endure this racial discrimination. RAHHAL (Traveler) is an album by a group of traveling artists, who through all the above have even forgotten from where they originally emanated.


They live, currently, 65 miles into the desert west of a small village called Janaklees, famous for its grape vines and wine making, which is also about another 60 or so miles outside of EL BEHEIRA province of Egypt. They travel all over the country, up and down the Nile performing in weddings, festivals and religious celebrations. In this album, we present them to you as they are, as they sound, and as they perform, we only used our high tech recording standards to bring the sound cleaner and clearer. No interference with the performance in any way. RAW.


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