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Evolution: Tribal Fusion Belly Dance Music

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Evolution: Tribal Fusion Belly Dance Music

Tribal Fusion described the innovative direction taken by ATS (American Tribal Style) belly dance companies and solo performances.
Tribal Fusion dancers embrace a new blend of traditional and contemporary movements and aesthetics. Combining diverse world influences with modern American dance styles creating a revolution in movement music and costume.

1.   Shisha Room by Solace - Selected by Kami Liddle 5:23
2.   Saptak by Solace - Selected by the Urban Tribal Dance Co. 5:17
3.   Mazamir Holiday by the Upper Egypt Ensemble - Selected by Zoe Jakes 4:43
4.   Darkness Falls by Mosavo - Selected by Ava Fleming 3:50
5.   Bascha by Tom Cooper & Samantha Riggs - Selected by Domba 6:07
6.   Shake Time by Hamdi El-Khayyat - Selected by Karis 5:34
7.   Serpentine by Mosavo - Selected by Elizabeth Strong 3:44
8.   Asian Majik by Solace- Selected by Devadasi 10:34
9.   Awaken The Goddess by Mosavo -Selected by Meleah 8:08
10. Enchanted Garden by Mosavo - Selected by Aubre 5:24
11. Cirque du Flame by Naked Rhythm - Selected by Urban Gypsy 5:33

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