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Eddie "The Sheik" Kochak - Strictly Belly Dancing Volume 2 - Music

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Eddie "The Sheik" Kochak - Strictly Belly Dancing Volume 2 - Music
Year: 1975 - Featuring Joseph Kassab

The classic album that defined early American Belly Dance! Eddie's first release includes two full routines in the traditional American belly dance format. You won't have to edit, remix or remaster these tracks - you can perform the routines right off the original CD, with absolutely no editing. Great for beginners with well defined arabic rhythms.


I. Full Dance Routine

1   Leila (Fast/Mod. Tempo) 2:35
2   The Sensual Chifti (Rumba) 2:35
3   Balady Kwayess (Medium/Fast) 1:32
4   Taksims of slow Chiftis (Violin/Oud/Kanoun) 1:27
5   Tabla Solos/Zils, Tabla/Various (Hel-ah-wah) 2:00
6   Oud Solos with Cello & Violin 0:33
7   Ameraba Style, Shish Kebab, Exciting Rhythms, 2:16
8   Balady (Slow to Fast) 1:09
9   Moderate/Fast Finale, Toota (Mod. Into Fast) 1:00

II. Full Dance Routine

10 Hawwil Ya Ghanam 3:51
11 Ya-Bul-Ayoun-Il-Sood 3:30
12 Sel-Im-Alay 1:18
13 Ya Mal Il Sham 3:00
14 Habibi Afeefee (sung by Eddie Kochak) 3:43


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