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Eddie "The Sheik" Kochak - Belly Dance Silver Anniversary Album - Music

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Eddie "The Sheik" Kochak - Belly Dance Silver Anniversary Album - Music
Featuring Hakki Obadia

Enjoyable old-school pan-arabic bellydance music. This came from a time when ethnic nightclubs had a mix of musicians from Egypt, Turkey, Labanon, Armenia, etc.  Rhythms are clearly labeled for beginners and the music is more accessible to western ears than some. While not as important in this age of digital music, the songs are arranged into typical 70's nightclub routines.

Belly Dance Routine

1   Dance Serena (4/4) 1:48
2   Dance Rami (Rumba Veil Work) 2:44
3   Dance Jeannine (2/4) 5:16

For Practice & Classroom Use
4   I Love You-You Love Me (Depke Folk Dance) 3:23, Sung by Eddie Kochak

5   Dance Sabah (2/4 Zar) 2:01
6   Dance Connie Sudani Ii (Sudan) 1:30
7   Dance Dina (Pharaonic) 2:38
8   Dance Morocco (4/4 Saidi) 3:23
9   Dance Zarefah (4/4 Ghawazee) 1:56
10 Dance Rhea Linda (4/4 Masmudi) 2:29
11 Finale (Closing) 1:11


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