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Bellydancing for Fortune and Fame ~ The Mogador Band with Spiro Cardamis ~ Belly Dance Music CD

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Bellydancing for Fortune and Fame ~ The Mogador Band with Spiro Cardamis ~ Belly Dance Music CD

Bellydancing for Fortune & Fame is a dancer's album. Designed by professional dancers and teachers to meet the needs of dancers of all levels it has everything you've been hoping for in a performance album. Every selection is a performer's dream: All are Bellydance favorites, tempos are danceable; big finales are the rule, key and style are compatible from one song to the next; and lengths are manageable. The musicianship is first-rate throughout and the arrangements are exciting and fresh.

We call this album a "Slice and Splice" production since that's exactly how we hope you will use it. We give you the ingredients, you create your own routines. Decide how long a show you need and what kind of songs you want in it. Then program your picks in your order and play or tape them. Your show will sound as if it had been professionally recorded just for you. You'll be inspired and your audience will be delighted.

1.   Shisheler
2.   Samra Ya Samra
3.   Caravan
4.   Chifte Telli
5.   Ay Ya Zein
6.   Drum Solo #1
7.   Sala, Sala
8.   Ipeksi
9.   El Samer
10. Layla
11. Drum Solo #2
12. Rompi, Rompi
13. Bir Demet
14. Mastika
15. Ma Ali Wiolti Loo
16. Chifte Telli #2
17. Tuta

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