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Aziza Raks! The Passion Of Bellydance ~ Belly Dance Performance DVD

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Product Description

Aziza Raks! The Passion Of Bellydance ~ Belly Dance Performance DVD

Aziza Shares Her Fluidity, Grace, and Warmth With You Onscreen as She Performs Classical Egyptian Belly Dance, Saidi, Balady, Pop, and Pharonic Dance Tracks

  1. Sallam Alay - Egyptian Saidi
  2. Tamr Henna - Classical Egyptian
  3. Sahra Saidi - Drum Solo
  4. Oolooloo - Classical Egyptian
  5. Luxor Baladna - Egyptian Saidi
  6. Ana Fi Intizarak - Classical Egyptian
  7. Salamat Ya Om Hassan - Egyptian Balady
  8. Btwanes Beek - Egyptian Pop
  9. Alf Leyla Wa Leyla - Egyptian Classical
  10. Zeina - Egyptian Classical

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