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A Street in Marrakech by Elizabeth Warnock Fernea

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A Street in Marrakech by Elizabeth Warnock Fernea  (Paperback 1980)

This is a reflexive account of an American woman and her family’s unpredictable journey through the private and public worlds of a traditional Muslim city in the process of change. As a Western stranger in Marrakech, Fernea was met with suspicion and hostility. The story of the slow growth of trust and acceptance between the author and her Moroccan neighbors involves the reader in everyday activities, weddings, funerals, and women’s rituals. Both the author and her friends are changed by the encounters that she describes. A Street in Marrakech is a cross-cultural adventure, ethnographically sound, and written in an accessible style.

Condition:  Some gentle wear to bottom of book and a light scratch on cover from being moved around to festivals.  Book is in great shape.

Paperback 1980

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