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Product: Belly Dance Lightweight Coin Belt with Binty Bells
Posted By: Elizabeth Liebertz
so beautiful!

Looks just like the picture. Couldn't have asked for a better product and not overpriced. 

Product: Belly Dance Make It Yourself Firm Bra Cups
Posted By: Nancy Westrick
XXL Bra cups were delivered quickly but a bit crushed by the box. 

These XXL cups were slightly bent at the tips because of the box, but after sitting out a couple days, they smoothed out on their own. I do love the style of these cups, allowing an angle that seems to elongate the torso. 

Product: Belly Dance Crochet & Paillettes Shimmer Shawls Hip Wrap 
Posted By: N/A
Shawl with my outfit 

Belly dancing shawl with my grandmother of the groom outfit will make it an ensemble that will stand out. If there is a stage at the wedding, I may be on it.  

Product: Belly Dance Make It Yourself Firm Bra Cups
Posted By: Nancy Westrick
Best bra cups available. 

The L bra cups were delivered quickly and in perfect condition. These are, in my opinion, the best style of bra cup anywhere. I love the angle of them and will be using them exclusively for belly dance costuming!  

Product: Belly Dance Make It Yourself ~ Elastic Metallic in Gold or Silver ~ 1/2 inch
Posted By: Nancy Westrick
Sent gold instead of silver elastic 

Very disappointed in your elastic. It's the wrong color, and It's not very strong either, so there is no way I can use it for belly dance costume straps. 
Yolanda Here: Human error in sending the wrong color. Nancy please return the elastic and I will refund you your money. When making straps for a belly dance bra you do not use elastic. The straps should not stretch for better fit and staying power. I am a professional costumer and would never use just elastic unless you are extremely small and will not be decorating the bra cups with anything.  

Product: Belly Dance / Fusion / Endless Wave Harem Pants
Posted By: Stormy Potvin
EXACTLY What i was Looking For! 

I love these pants... I already owned two other pair (blk/white and purple/white tie-dye) that I found on ebay (different seller), and have been searching for this color to match a halter top that is the exact same colors and print. Artemis was very very good about returning calls/correspondence regarding questions I had prior to AND after purchase (THANK YOU Yolanda!!). 
Item is beautifully made, and looks exactly as represented on the Artemis website; I will DEFINITELY be doing much more business with them in the very near future!! 

Product: Belly Dance / Tribal Anklet with Binty Bells and Multi-Color "Tear Drop" Shaped Stones
Posted By: JoJo Zawawi
Very nice 

I like these !! They are cute as heck. I would give 5 stars if they were available in sterling silver. :)  

Product: Hand of Fatima / Hamsa ~ Medium With Small Hand of Fatima Hanging From Center - Silver Tone
Posted By: N/A
Hand of Fatima

Beautiful silver-finished chamsa (hand of Fatima), exactly as pictured! Swift transaction, very professional seller.  

Product: Belly Dance Hip Scarf - Velvet with 320 Coins
Posted By: Deborah
Better than I expected!

First time ordering this style hip scarf. I am very pleased with how it looks. Can't wait to wear it for a performance!

Product: Deluxe Large Mozuna Ropes ~ 9 ft. Long, Solid Color
Posted By: Gale S
You are amazing! I just received the mozzuna order. Thank you so much for expediting it!

Product: - Deluxe Large Mozuna Ropes ~ 9 ft. Long, Solid Color 
Posted By: N/A
Nice mozunas

I ordered two - black and red. These are my first mozunas, and I like them 

Product: Sparkle Eye Dust ~ Eye Shadow Make-Up
Posted By: N/A
Some of the best eye shadows.

Best products is what my clients say to me.

Product: Fibulae from Morocco ~ Triangle Orange, Yellow and Blue
Posted By: N/A
Very Pleased With This Fibulae

I had several pieces of Moroccan jewelry but I needed a fibulae to complete my regalia. Your product met my expectations. I will definitely shop with you again.

Product: Sari Skirt With Gold Border ~ Belly Dance / Tribal / Gypsy 
Posted By: Lise B
It's gorgeous!

I love this skirt! Full yet surprisingly light. Lovely silk! 

Product: Mozuna Ropes ~ Red Tassel, 5 ft. Long (out of stock)
Posted By: Lacy P
The real deal. 

This is my second Mozuna rope purchase from Artemis Imports because they are such great quality (which is hard to find). Real Mozunas with a lovely jingle, not fake plastic.

Product: - Medium Mozuna Ropes ~ 5 ft. Long, Solid Color
Posted By: N/A
Exactly what I wanted!

This product is represented as what it is and it's a very good quality product. I will definitely buy more colors! 

Product: Belly Dance /Tribal Coins for Costuming - Balboa Motif Coin, 1 3/16", Gold or Silver 
Posted By: Dallas
Great quality.

They are the best I have bought yet. Will buy more in the future. 

Product: Vertical Tree of Life Tapestry on Black Background 
Posted By: Nicole
Beautiful Tapestry

Love this piece, it will look great on my bed or an open wall. 

Product: Medium Mozuna Ropes ~ 5 ft. Long, Solid Color
Posted By: Barbara
Fluffy, Fat Mozuna Ropes

These are really nice mozuna ropes -- thick and lush. Love to add these to my costuming for a folkloric touch and a little sparkle. 

Product: Belly Dance Metal Kohl Container 
Posted By: Joy
I love this

I love Kohl containers! They aren't easy to find now a days. This one is beautiful Tree of life gold motif.  I feel bellydancers can't have enough kohl! 

Product: Medium Mozuna Ropes ~ 5 ft. Long, Solid Color 
Posted By: Jo Anne Z
Mozuna Ropes

These are a versatile piece to mix into costumes. Overpriced, but cannot get the anywhere else!! 

Product: Mozunas-By-The-Pack 
Posted By: Patricia
Super awesome!

Sewing these on to existing costume pieces really adds a lot of sparkle and no weight. 

Product: Lurex Stripe Veil Large 45" x 108" Rectangular 
Posted By: Raven
Black w/ gold and silver 

Very elegant. Even prettier in person than I was expecting. I can't wait to dance with it! 

Product: Mozuna Ropes ~ Two Color, 4 ft. Long (out of stock)
Posted By: N/A
Great accessory

Perfect accent for costuming! 

Product: Mozunas-By-The-Pack 
Posted By: Raven
Great costuming addition!

I heard about Mozunas from my dance teacher and ha to hunt them down. I looked for quite a while. I was so glad to find them through Artemis Imports! They are perfect for what I want. 

Product: Belly Dance Triangle Chiffon Hip Scarf With Beads and Tassels 
Posted By: Elehm
Well worth the money!

Well priced - the beadwork & fringe are not at all skimpy. 
Tassels & fabric noticeably different shades of teal/turquoise. Tag on scarf reads Polyester, not rayon, so if you're thinking to dye it, be aware. 
However, the silver GLASS (not plastic, as most are) beadwork practically glows, the fringe is generous & interestingly bead wrapped. The scarf will make a colorful layering base with sparkle thrown in. I would recommend this scarf & would absolutely buy another to use as a design base. 

Product: Belly Dance Pattern #22 - Al-Zahra's Ghawazee Coat by Atira 
Posted By: Melody
FAST! great response time

I was surprised by how quickly I received this pattern. I was sort of in a hurry for it and it showed up much sooner than I tnought it would. The pattern has been done nicely. The directions are good and the material usage is clearly stated. I would definately recommend purchasing from this company 

Product: Medium Mozuna Ropes ~ 5 ft. Long, Solid Color 
Posted By: N/A
Quick response

I needed a few more mozuna ropes for my belt and I needed them quickly as a performance was only a couple of weeks away. I ordered and received them within a week. Am very pleased with them and will keep this company in mind for future orders. 

Product: Belly Dance Pattern #07 - Alviyah's Turkish-Macedonian Vest by Atira 
Posted By: N/A

I decided to make one of these a year ago. I searched all over for a pattern but ended up making my own. Needless to say it did not come out well at all. Once I found this my stress disappeared! Now I can make these with ease! Love it! 

Product: Belly Dance Pattern #05 - Tahia Alibeck's Belts by Atira 
Posted By: N/A

I had made a pair of belts for a deubt number. Needless to say they are flimsy and don't have that great of stage presents. This pattern has helped me open my eyes to the countless ways of making an awesome belt. 

Product: Belly Dance Pattern #03 - Nagwa's Bra-Tops by Atira 
Posted By: N/A

I was searching all over for patterns for performing costumes and I always came up empty handed till one lucky day that I stumbled upon this site. PERFECT! And more than I could imagine at GREAT prices! I will be coming back for more when it I need to expand my wardrobe a little bit more. 

Product: Coins & Shisha Mirror Head Piece /Necklace 
Posted By: N/A

Beautiful head piece, excellent detail. 

Product: Medium Mozuna Ropes ~ 5 ft. Long, Solid Color 
Posted By: Amy
What I've been looking for!

I love these as an accent piece for my hips or hair, and they work beautifully with ATS costumes. Ordering was easy and I received my products all the way across the country in less than a week. I can't wait to add more colors! 

Product: Arabesque II Cymbals ~ Saroyan Finger Cymbals for Advanced & Professional Dancers (out of stock)
Posted By: Amy
Great Product, Great Service

Love Saroyan cymbals and I was so happy Artemis Imports had these in stock. The Arabesque II have a great middle range tone and are a good step up from small sized starter zills. An easy ordering system, clear communication and quick delivery got my order to me in less than a week. 

Product: Felahy Necklace - Belly Dance 
Posted By: N/A
Lovely necklace, zippy shipping!

My beautiful Felahy necklace arrived in perfect condition very quickly. 

Product: Medium Mozuna Ropes ~ 5 ft. Long, Solid Color 
Posted By: Monet
Great accent piece

These are perfect for adding as an accent to a costume--I could see them working with traditional or tribal costuming. Layer on your belt or wrap around your head. Could even be a cute skinny scarf around the neck for normal evening wear.  The metal bits are REAL METAL, not plastic. 

Product: Cotton Six Yard Gypsy Skirt With Mirrors 
Posted By: N/A
Airy cotton with a touch of sparkle

These are lovely cotton skirts with shisha mirrors that sparkle in the light. They layer well without being too bulky. They are good to wear both on stage and in regular life. I have had many compliments on the three skirts that I own.